Beginning #TwitteringTales

He wrote the first line of the story that had been in his head for awhile then stopped, not  sure how to continue. He read what he had typed then tried again but his fingers were frozen above the keys. Perhaps, being an author wasn’t his calling after all.

(Inspired by; with thanks).

6 thoughts on “Beginning #TwitteringTales

    • Thanks, it does to me sometimes still. I do write little in my head, but I able to just sit down and type most days. I guess years of writing novels without planning anything as a teenage have allowed me to able to do that.

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      • If it’s a first draft I tend to write the next scene or so at night in bed in my head. But then once I’m at the keyboard, and that scene’s complete, then the fingers will quite happily hammer out another. I swear many times my thinking, scheming head isn”t involved. Then comes the night and again I’m mentally plotting.

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