Dear Diary


Dear diary,

October is finally here and the weather is turning autumnal. I’ve all ready started decorating the house with Halloween things! Just little things; my colourful maple leave with fairy lights wrapped around the staircase, a few of the pot pumpkins on the tables and the autumn wreath hanging off the door.┬áMore decorations will follow over the next few days.

I’ve started shopping online and in the stores now too. Most have their Halloween stuff out and it’s interesting to see what’s ‘in fashion’ this year. Clowns are still popular – recent movies to blame for that! Famous slash films are also still in but at least this year things seem little less shock horror.

I’ve brought to much to list but I’ve got all the candy for the children and most of the decorations I liked. Then I’ll raid the discounted things when that begins, I end up with my best things after Halloween!

Oh, I got to open the first window on my Halloween countdown calendar this morning. I know the 31st isn’t that far away but it still feels that way to me. It’ll come soon enough and then…Well, I need to keep some surprise for later!

It’s October! Non-Fiction Announcement


Hello everyone!

Firstly, thanks for bearing with me during last month which I spent half of being ill. All the missed days have stories now, so please take the time to catch up reading them.

Today is the first of October and soon my favourite day of the year, Halloween will be here! As with the past years, I have decided to dedicate this month to horror, supernatural and Halloween themed stories.

Have a great October and Happy Halloween!