Her bones lay on the beach, rusting under sun and sea. Long had she sailed across the waters until that fateful night had brought her to this grave. Wedged keel in sand, hull full of water, tilting to port side, going nowhere.

She had become scrap and a new home for seagulls. Sinking further into the sand, waves rocked her still and she slept, dreaming of days out in the ocean with a crew scampering upon her decks.

Years later, she awoke to a new job; a sight-seers’ object. To be admired and wondered over. Hands touched what only the sea had done and life came back into the old bones once more.

4 thoughts on “Bones

    • No, it’s not my photo. I get them all from free to use sites, unless its a personal one then I do state that. I have no idea where this photo and boat is. I don’t have anything like this on the beaches near me. I was inspired to write this after coming across an article about shipwrecks you could visit without diving whilst I was reading about other things. The words starting to write themselves and I thought I should record them.

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