About This Blog and Me

I am a novelist and short story writer from Manchester UK. I have a Masters in Creative Writing as well as an BA Hons in English Lit and Creative Writing, both from Edge Hill University. I have had a passion for reading and writing from a young age. My favorite genres and themes are; horror, supernatural, vampires, romance, fantasy, ghosts and classic novels.

I have been reviewing books on my other blog and at other websites for the last few years. I also give out advice on writing and look at different techniques to help writers. I am also a theme board editor at Readwave.com, where I have self-published fiction and non-fiction. I have also self-published stories on Amazon Kindle and had poetry published in a student magazine.

The idea behind this blog came from my wanting to write something everyday. I hope that this blog will give me the place and momentum to try this and to hopefully get over the lingering writer’s block that I’ve had since leaving university. I also hope to gain a readership for my work and to receive constructive feedback to my stories. Lastly, I want to discover the different writing prompts that can be used and feel inspired about my writing once again.

Please note, all my stories are copyright to me. There are all original works of fiction. If you wish to use one for display or linking on your web page please get permission from me first. Anyone who doesn’t do this will be asked to remove the story/link.

PS. I’m actually dyslexic. I know this shouldn’t be used as an excuse – especially not for a writer- but its just the way things are. Whilst I do read through my stories, sometimes I don’t spot mistakes or else sometimes the problem is that words are automatically changed and I don’t noticed that. Also, being British, my English is set to that and not American English. Though, I do know that I’ve a habit of using both kinds, when I shouldn’t be. Lastly, no one is perfect and though I do try most of my stories end up being written on the day they go up, because I’m busy and sometimes can’t give them the time they need, I know this can effect my writing. Hopefully, from this you and everyone else can now understand why there is a high number of mistakes in my writing.

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