Old Days #1LinerWeds


He made toys for his children who he had never known.


(Inspired by; https://lindaghill.com/2019/08/07/one-liner-wednesday-the-good-ol-days/ with thanks).



Post It Note Short


It’s the last month of summer! Have fun and do something crazy you’ve always wanted to do!



Hindsight #1linerwed


He had adopted the deer as a baby and since setting her free, she had lived in his backyard.


(Inspired by; https://lindaghill.com/2019/07/17/one-liner-wednesday-hindsight/ with thanks).

Post It Note


Reminder; my birthday today! Take snacks into work. Try to be social. Smile, it’s a happy day!

Adventures Await


In imagination he could be anything he wanted; a knight, a dragon, a explore. His childhood world never let him down.

Post It Note Short


Beach summers; sand between toes, sea in ears, ice cream on tongues, making memories that last a life time.



Alone at last, he embraced the sky.

Post It Note Short


Remember to pack umbrella for trip. Weather’s not looking great. Feels more like autumn instead of spring. Will summer ever come?

Joyance #AtoZChallenge


Joyance;  feel joy and gladness. 

Years of trying, giving up hope, deciding to forget it. The test positive; my world change with the touch of your tiny hand.

Byzantine Post It Note Shorts #atozchallenge

postit-1975188_1920 Byzantine; complex or intricate.

Life has become too complicated. It’s time to make it simple again, goodbye social media.


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