On The Other Side #3linetales

three line tales week 58: a man behind a fence

The fence would always divided us,

physically, mentally and emotionally.

It was the barrier I could never break down.


(Inspired from; https://only100words.xyz/2017/03/09/three-line-tales-week-58. Photo by Jake Oates via Unsplash)

Spring’s Arrival

Long Wing Butterfly on Frog Head Soak on Water

I woke up this morning and looked out of my window.

The flowers were starting to bloom in between the wet grey stones

And there were frogs croaking in my pond.

Sun Rise

three line tales week 52: sunrise church in France

He wanted to catch the sunrise.

Not to take a photo or harness the energy.

But to seal it in a jar to give to her, so she could have light wherever she went.


(A prompt from; https://only100words.xyz/ with thanks.)

In The Deep

three line tales week 51 - danger deep water

It had been years since I’d last been at the water plant.

Standing on the gated platform, I looked out over the dark lapping water.

The memories came flooding back and I recalled a childhood lost to tragedy.


(From a photo prompt by: https://only100words.xyz/2017/01/19/three-line-tales-week-fifty-one , with thanks. Click to read the other stories the photo above inspired and maybe try writing one yourself.)

Not A Merry Time


Everywhere was Christmas themed and spirits were high.

He took no pleasure in it and shut out the carol singers.

He went back to sitting before the fire, sucking on a humbug whilst he thought, bugger them all.



There’s something in the attic and it wants to get out.

At night, it groans and wails, throws things around and makes sleep impossible.

The problem is though, only I can hear it.


The Season of Change

autumn, fall, forest

The colorful leaves fall from the trees, dancing to the ground.

I walk through them, admiring the feel of the misty morning on my skin.

Though, it’s just a vision of what once was long ago before the finally war.



Accident, Bmw, Car, Crushed, Road, Traffic, Editorial

It was over in seconds and they could not remember clearly what had happened.

On moment, life was normal what they had always known and then everything changed.

Their lives would never be the same and the pain would stay with them forever.

Summer Cold

Teddy, Teddy Bear, Association, Ill

She had been believing that it was hay fever over the last few days.

Awaking, she felt worse and realized it was a mild cold.

Sighing, she decided to spend the day in bed, hoping it would go away with rest.


Beach, Romantic, Couples, Love, Wedding

He was obsessed, but claimed it wasn’t overly so.

He denied being in love though he couldn’t hide it any longer.

He couldn’t get her out of his head, so he knew just what to do.