Geeky (Part 2)

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They arrived at the meeting point which was just a sign post in the corner opposite the one Millie had first stood in, though there was a large distance between the two. It had been easy to follow Ben through the crowd as he had gone straight down one of the closest aisle. the follow of people seemed to be thinning out.

Two people were stood next to the sign. The teenage looking boy was dressed all in white and blue, with a floor sweeping cape, a sword and a shield. The older woman, who was looking around bored was dressed as Snow White. Both ignored each other and only cast a glance at Millie and Ben.

‘They’re not here,’ Millie muttered, ‘where else can we go?’

‘There’s another meeting place in the next room…but they could’ve gone outside too. Have you tried phoning them?’ Ben asked.

Millie nodded, but pulled out her phone all the same. She looked and saw she had a text message from one of her friends. Clicking on it and seeing the time was only a few minutes ago, she read the text.

‘They are in the role playing games room. Do you know where that is?’ Millie spoke out.

‘Sure, it’s upstairs.”

‘They should still be there.’

‘We’ll run,’ Ben added.

He began pushing is way through a large group of people coming in and Millie darted after him. She tripped over someone and shouted back an apology. She thought they replied something, but the noise was too loud behind her. Hurrying up the stairs, she avoided a group of children, they were dressed up in cute anime costumes, but she didn’t know who they are meant to be.

Ben had reached the top of the stairs and was waiting for her. She joined him and then went to a long to a smaller room. Looking in it was packed, but she spotted her friends right away. She waved to them.

‘You should be okay now,’ Ben said.

Millie nodded, ‘thanks.’

‘Hey erm…do you want meet up for a drink later?’ Ben asked.

Millie smiled, feeling a slight flush to her cheeks, ‘yes.’

Ben dug around in his pockets and pulled out his phone, ‘Let’s swap numbers then?’

‘Of course.’

They exchanged numbers and said goodbye just as one of Millie’s friends joined them.

‘Are you okay?’ she asked.

‘Yep. I made a new friend,’ Millie replied.

She turned to point out Ben, but he had vanished into the crowd mingling on the stairs.

‘That’s good. We have too! Come and see this…’

Millie turned back and let her friend drag her into the room. Her thoughts though were on Ben and the hope that they would see each other again.

Geeky (Part 1)

Plush Toys, Comiccon, Dortmund, Fair, Comic, Fig

Everything felt too surreal as Millie darted into a corner of the large venue’s main hall and tried to catch her breath. All around her, people in costumes flowed together like a happy, slow moving river. She saw some characters she recognized; Star Wars, Disney, Star Trek¬†and was that a demon? Everyone else though, she had no idea, but it felt strange seeing such a mix of anime, manga, movies, games and TV series character brought to life.

Stalls and stands stretched out as far as Millie could see. The tables were full of so many things that it was hard to put them all into one category, yet they all connected to being geeky or nerdy. There was memorabilia, books, toys, games, posters, clothes and people sighing things. There was also so much noise that the sound blurred into one and it was hard to pick anything out from it.

‘Hey, are you okay?’ a soft, young man’s voice asked to her right.

Millie nodded, not daring herself to speak. He was cute with a soft round, friendly face and flushed pink cheeks. His eyes were very blue and his multi-coloured hair was long. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that read Minecraft, with a creeper bursting out of a grey brick wall. There was foam sword danging with a belt around his hips and he had a green plastic backpack on.

‘Bit crazy, isn’t it?’ he added.

‘Yes,’ Millie answered.

She looked down at what she was wearing, once again feeling so out of place. This morning she had gone with white trainers, light blue jeans and a tie-dye blue and white t-shirt with a large butterfly on it and a little white cotton jacket.

‘Here, so you want some water? Always useful to carry some.’

She glanced up shyly and accept the bottle from him. She took a few mouthfuls of warmish water, but she did feel better.

‘I’m Ben by the way. What are you cosplaying as?’

‘I’m Millie, erm, I’m not…I’ve never been to one of these things before. I came with some friends, but I’ve lost them.’

‘Ah. We are in the same boat then! I’ve lost my friends too,’ Ben laughed, ‘it’s fine. To be honest, I’m glad to escape from them.’

‘Why? oh, thanks,’ Millie added and tried to hand the water bottle back to him.

He waved it away, ‘keep it. Why? because, they are all couples and I feel like a third wheel.’

‘I see…’ Millie trailed off her attention drawn away.

A huge bright yellow Pikachu bopped by, his lightening shaped tail wiggling wildly. The three main human characters from Pokemon trailed behind him, the girl laughing loudly and covering her mouth at some joke or story told by the boy wearing the red baseball cap. They all walked passed and faded into the crowd again.

Ben laughed, ‘only at a convention. Hey, are you hungry?’

Millie frowned, ‘sort of, but I should look for my friends.’

‘Okay. I’ll take you to the nearest meeting point then….Did you arrange to meet them anywhere?’

‘No. I don’t think we did,’ Millie replied slowly.

Ben shrugged his shoulders, ‘Let’s go see if they’re there. What are they cosplaying as?’

‘They’re not,’ Millie answered.

‘Guess that makes them easier to spot. Come on,’ Ben said.

They walked back into the crowd together avoiding someone fully dressed as a wolf wearing dungarees.

To Be Continued…