Just A Temporary Issue

A Neckerchief, Scarf, Material, Colorful, Clothing

Katy sighed as she stood before the mirror and questioned why she was even bothering. She could not see herself, just the clothes she had decided to wear. Which today were a pale blue blouse, silk scarf black, leather pencil skirt, coal tights and ankle boots. It was still a sight she had not got use to over the weeks.

Touching her face and wondering if there was anything on it, she debated trying to put on makeup. No one is going to see it anyway, she thought, but what if this suddenly wears off and I look like a clown?

Pulling a face, which of course she couldn’t see in the mirror, she turned and picked up her phone. There was no new messages. She tapped the buttons and sent a text to the scientist, Charlie, who’s fault this all was, reporting in that there had been no changes.

He was quick to reply that was good news, can u come by the lab at 3? He added.

Katy shrugged and replied back, Need a pick up not walking, driving or taking the bus again!    

The memories of those moments burst out and she almost broke down again. Never in her right mind would she wander around naked again, invisible or not!

Charlie replied back he would do and he’d see her later.

Katy carried her phone into the kitchen and placed it down. She made breakfast, but just before she sat down to eat, her phone rang again.


‘Are you still sick?’ a female voice asked into her ear.

Katy inwardly groaned at the sound of her boss’s voice.

‘Yes,’ she muttered.

‘I’ve not received your sick note still…’

‘Oh erm….I did email it to you. I’ve a copy, so I’ll try again,’ Katy replied.

‘And when do you think you’ll be coming back then?’ her boss pressed.

‘I don’t know…I’m still unable to move much… In fact I’m going back to the hospital today…’

‘Good. Let me know how that goes. Take care.’

The phone clicked and Katy put it down. Tossing it on the table, she ate and prayed that soon everything would go back to normal.

Just before three there came a knock on her front door. She peeped outside, saw it was the scientist and let him in.

‘I’m tried of being your lab rat. You need to find a way to fix this!’ She snapped.

Charlie  looked her up and down, though Katy knew he could just see her clothes, which appeared to be floating about by themselves. The mirror never lied to her about that situation!

‘I think I might have. That’s why we should leave. Everyone else gone out for a meeting. We should have enough time.’

‘I’ll just get my coat…’

Katy turned.

‘Actually, you should take your clothes off…it looks weird in the passenger seat and I don’t want any issues,’ he replied slowly.

Katy rounded on him, ‘this is all your fault!’ she waved her hands about, not that he could see it, but still. ‘And I don’t care what you want and don’t want! This needs to be fixed right now!’

She stamped her foot then grabbed her coat and bag.

The scientist opened his mouth, but Katy shoved him out of the house. Slamming the door, she marched the young man to his small red car and pushed him against it.

Growling, she said, ‘Don’t you dare speak any more. Just drive.’

Charlie nodded, slipped away from her and got into the driving seat. Katy got in next to him and put her seat belt on. For a second, he did think about arguing with her as they both saw the reflection of the clothes. Katy shook her head then tapped his hand.

He drove off and an almost an hour later pulled into the car park. Cutting the engine he turned to her.

‘You need to take your clothes off!’ he blurted, ‘someone will see on the cameras and how can we get passed everyone? Please, it’s just easier!’

Katy sighed and looked up at the huge towering glass building before them.

‘If I must.’

Smiling, Charlie got out and left her to undress. A few moments later, the car door opened and closed.

‘Come on. it’s cold,’ Katy spoke out.

They walked together, though it did appear as if the scientist was walking alone. He quickly got them through reception and security and into the belly of the building. Katy slumped into a chair in his little lab and listened to him rattling off questions, she now know by heart.

Finally, he pulled out a small bottle and placed it on the desk.

‘Drink this. I tested two rats with it a few days ago and the results were good. They came back visible and have been good so far,’ Charlie spoke.

Katy picked it up and unscrewed the lid. She put it to her lips and without voicing her sudden concerns, swallowed the liquid in one. It tasted sour and acidy at the same time. She pulled a face and gasped out loud a few times.

‘We should know soon…’ Charlie muttered.

‘Can I have some water? That stuff is bad!’ Katy wheezed out.

Charlie opened a bottom draw and pulled out a half bottle of water. He placed it on the edge of his desk and watched as it moved around.

‘How do you feel?’ he asked when she was done.

‘Better. But no different.’

He nodded and jotted that down on a pad of paper.

‘Can you see anything yet?’ she asked.

‘No, he replied, ‘wait….’

Katy felt her breath catching. She held it and froze.

‘Yes! look at your feet!’ Charlie cried.

Katy did and she could clearly see her toes.


Mother’s Day

Mom, Mother, Mother'S Day

Hurrying out of the snow blizzard and into the safety of the supermarket, Zoe paused to dust off her woollen coat. Catching her breath and noticing her glasses starting to fog up, she tried to get her thoughts together. Peering outside, she saw the snow flurrying down and landing on top of an already thick blanket of white. People were quickly walking by with umbrellas and winter clothes clutched tightly around them.

Loud voices turned Zoe’s head and she looked over to where green plastic shopping baskets were stacked up. She saw two thirty-something women with a number of young children around them where having a conversation about the sudden change in the weather and the early closing of the schools.

Zoe moved over to them and grabbed a basket from another stack. Avoiding a three year old boy, who was staring up at her with huge blue eyes, she ducked into the clothes section. A very pink pyjama set with butterflies and the words Goodnight, Sweet Dreams catch her attention. She stopped and picked up the sleeve to feel the material. It was soft as she rubbed it. They didn’t have her size or mum’s.

Wandering off, she drifted down a few aisles till she ended up looping back to the Mother’s Day section. It was tucked just next to Easter and the four shelves looked sadly empty. Zoe checked out the wilting potted plants then the three different boxes of chocolate. There were four wines to choice from and then a selection of bath stuff.

That’s it? Zoe thought then stopped herself from crying it aloud.

Glancing about desperately, she wondered where else the Mother’s Day stuff could be, but could only chocolate eggs and rabbits. Deciding nothing in front of her would do, Zoe walked away and went to the entertainment section. There, past the games, she looked at the DVD’s and picked up a rom-com that had come out last year, but she knew mum hadn’t seen yet. Browsing through the others, Zoe didn’t spot anything else.

She headed on to the next aisle where a woman with a baby was looking through the magazines. Zoe stopped at the books and picked up an interesting looking one. Her mum wasn’t into historical murder mysteries. She put it back and grabbed another about a cheating husband. It wouldn’t do either. She looked at a few more then decided on a book at a woman getting her dream of opening a bookshop and starting her life over again.

Zoe put it in the basket then decided to head to the wine section. She had her ID with her, so buying a bottle wouldn’t be a problem. Arriving at Wines Of The World so declared by the big sign over head, there were three couples of different ages selecting wine and talking. She squeezed past the first couple, who were looking at an Australian white wine and the second couple who were scrutinising rose wines. Hoovering around the third couple in the red section, she tried to decide what to get.

There wasn’t anything that looked like mum drank. Not waiting for the couple to move off, she first went to one side of them then the other and looked at the dark green bottles on the shelves. After a few moments, she changed her mind and walked into the soft drinks area. She grabbed a bottle of water for herself then went over to snacks and sweets. There she found a better looking box of chocolates then had been on the Mother’s Day shelf. Putting that into the basket, she wondered what else to get.

When nothing came to mind, she went to the check out and bought her things. Heading out, she was met with a white wash scene of falling snow. Pulling up her hood and watching a handful of people darting inside, she told herself to never again leave Mother’s Day to the last minute.