Xylography #atozchallenge


Xylography; the art of engraving on wood.

He liked to make things out of wood. People said he was talented, but it had never brought him money or fame. He lived a humble life on the edge of the woods in the countryside. He looked after an abandoned farm and was a handyman for the town which brought in extra money. His garden was covered by his wooden sculptures which was mostly hidden from the public. So, it wasn’t until his death that he actually became famous, like it seems with every creative person.

Colored Fox

Opening the colouring book to the first page, she studied the drawing. It was a fox appearing through a garden of flowers. Selecting her pens, she enjoyed listening to the scratch scratch sound across the paper. Her stress started melting way as colour brought the scene to life.

(Image from; http://batsford.com/blog/tag/millie-marotta/)

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Awaiting The Muse

She was waiting for the muse to come and get her. The sun was warm on her back and the longish grass so nice between her toes. Or at least she imagined it to be so. She couldn’t actually see any grass or sunlight from where she sat in the front room of her house. The sky was gunmetal grey with threating rain and the rest of the view blocked by the large green bush.

She unwrapped another chocolate and put it in her mouth. A burst of orange took her by surprise then she turned her attention back to the urban exploring video she was watching online. A large American man was wondering through an abandoned mountain theme park. She would have been half interested if it didn’t feel as samey as others she had watched.

Switching back to the main computer screen, which displayed a virtual white page she thought about what to write. She was torn by not being in the mood and feeling slightly eager to spill her thoughts onto the page. Her fingers tapped against the keyboard then she waited for the muse to come.