Duckie #3LineTales

three line tales, week 232: rubber duckies in bubble bath

The bright yellow duckies had always attracted me. I loved playing with the one I had as a toddler in and out of the bath. Often, I went to bed with it too and my parents were baffled by my attachment to the plastic bath duck.

When we went to anywhere that had a ‘hook a duck’ or something similar game stall, I had to play like an addict at a gambling machine. I didn’t want the stuff animals or other toys for a prize though, I wanted to keep all the duckies!

‘She’ll grow out of it,’ my dad often said but he was wrong. Now, I’m twenty-eight and my collection of plastic duckies has just got me a place in the Guinness World’s Records.  


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The Perfect Toy #1LinerWeds


Only the soft, fluffy yellow duck stopped the baby from crying which was a blessing.


(Inspired by; with thanks).


It was only a light dusting of snow, but still it caused madness to fill the roads. Amy battled her way through the rush hour traffic, her foot more on the brake than the gas. At the cross road lights, she tapped her fingers against the steering wheel and watched two other cars fight for right of way ahead of her. The lights changed and she found herself stuck again.

The radio blasted up with a weather report, predicting more snowfall overnight and fog in the morning. Army blew a loose strand of blonde hair out of her green eyes and flicked her screen wipers on because, as if summoned by the crackling voice, snowflakes fluttered down. The lights changed and quickly, she moved her feet and shot around the corner before the cars opposite had even moved.

Minutes later, Amy pulled up outside her apartment block and got out of the car. The snow was still falling and sticking too. Shivering, she grabbed her bag, locked her car and headed to the door. At the porch, she paused and looked for her keys, having out of habit thrown them into her bag as she had walked over. Sighing, she grabbed them out and went to the door. A loud squeaking came from under her foot and she jumped back, almost slipping on a hidden icy patch.

Gathering herself, Amy looked down and saw something yellow poking out of the snow. Kicking at it, she relieved a rubber duck. Laughing to herself, she picked up the duck and gave it a squeeze, causing the sound she had heard to come again. Must belong to some kid or a dog, she thought. She let herself in and took the duck up to her apartment with her.

Leaving her bag, coat and shoes at the front door, Amy went to the bathroom and after left the duck on the sink. Giving it no more thought, she went about her evening and relaxed from her day at work. An hour before she normally headed to bed, she decided to have a bath as she still felt chilly. The snow was thicker outside now and it was still falling.

She prepared everything, but before she got into the bathtub, she spotted the rubber duck. Smiling she walked over, ran the duck under the cold water tap of the sink and then got into the bath with it. Settling down in the hot water, she let the duck float amongst the bubbles. There was something additionally calming about watching the bath toy float and bob a part. Happily sighing, Army shut her eyes and let herself drift.