Broken Tree


The storm had brought a few trees down but as Ken stood before an oak that most have been over a hundred years old, he felt sad. He hadn’t seen the tree in it’s summer or autumn glory but he could imagine the heavy burden of colourful leaves. Moss and climbing plants covered the trunk of the tree which now lay on it’s side.

Ken took his axe and other tools and began chopping branches and the trunk down. He never felt happy about such work and not because it was hard going but because he was finalising the life of a piece of nature.

At least, the tree would have a second life and carry on being enjoyed in a new way.

In his workshop next to his cabin on the edge of the woods, Ken turned the fallen trees in to tables, chair and other handmade furniture. He sold his pieces to shops across the country and to people who ventured out to visit him.

Seeing his work being loved and knowing he had in someways saved a tree, made Ken feel satisfied that all his hard work had been for good.



Denial #WWP


Carmen had also found it hard to say no to anything. She was a pleaser and wanted to make everyone happy. This though made her drained.

Today, she had decided she’d had enough and she was going to deny all requests.

The word ‘No’ felt alien in her mouth and she struggled to battle with it.

At the end of the day, she had achieved lots more then normal but she didn’t feel any good about it.


(Inspired by; with thanks).

Red #100WW


There was a carpet of autumn leaves on the floor of the woods and Jess was loving hiding in them. This was her second autumn and she was fascinated by chasing anything that moved.

I laughed as she raced squirrels to trees and barked at flying birds. I went horse yelling her name repeatedly and she would come bouncing back, splattered with mud.

Jess was having a great time, it seemed a shame to end it. I would have to put her lead on and drag her home, but I didn’t feel like I could when she was so happy.

(Inspired by; with thanks).



Stitch Count


Knitting had taken over her life like no other hobby had and now she was creating joy and wonder everyday.

Postcard #2

girl in hat


Three Things


Amber woke up and saw Luke standing over her holding a coffee cup. Groaning, she rolled and stretched out. A line of sunlight lay across the bottom of the bed and she knew he’d caused it by peering out of the curtains. Turning back, she fixed with him with her best anger face. However, it was softened by sleep and caused Luke to laugh at her instead of being afraid.

‘What is it?’ she muttered.

‘I’ve a surprise for you,’ he said.

‘Can’t it wait? I’ve just done a nightshift.’

Luke shook his head and offered her the cup, ‘drink this.’

She took it from him, expecting to find coffee, but instead there was a thick, sticky blue liquid. Frowning, she sniffed it before turning back to him.

‘It’s safe. Honest. I finally got that smoothie recipe right.’

Slowly, she brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. A mixture of fruit juices hit her tongue and as she swallowed, it tasted super sweet. She chocked and handed the cup back.

‘Well, I thought it was okay,’ Luke said in a low voice.

‘It’s fine,’ Amber coughed, ‘Please tell me you didn’t just wake me for that?’

‘No, erm, put this on.’ He handed her a satin blindfold.

Amber hesitated and then took it. In the whole six years of them dating, Luke had never shown an interested in kinky stuff. Still feeling groggy from sleep, Amber tried to read him. Luke had moved to sitting on the end of the bed, drinking the rest of the smoothie. He was dressed casually and seemed disinterred in her.

‘Why do I need this? What’s going on?’ she asked.

‘Put it on and you’ll see.’

With a heavy sigh, she tied the blindfold across her eyes. Dropping her hands in her lap, she suddenly felt nervous. Luke hadn’t done anything like this before and he wasn’t very good at surprises. She flipped through ideas about what it could be and then pushed everything away.

She heard him stand and place the cup down on the bedside table. She counted four seconds and then he pressed something into her hands. It felt like a small pieces of paper.

‘Now look.’

Amber pulled the blindfold down and looked at the blank paper resting on her palms.

‘What’s the point in all of this?’ she asked angrily, ‘You know I don’t like playing games.’

‘I know. Just look,’ he pressed.

Growling, she turned the paper over. It was a plane ticket. The date was tomorrow and the destination was Hawaii. Her mind went blank and she struggled for words. She looked up at him and then inspected the ticket again. How had he offered this? Granted they weren’t struggling for money, but they weren’t swimming in it either.

‘I don’t understand,’ she said finally.

He nodded and handed her something else. This time it was a small box.


Looking through the photos caused the lost memories to return vividly. Along with them came the sounds and smells of that night. They remembered meeting each other at the ball and dancing happily. It had been life changing for them and in turn had brought them to this moment.