Ice Cream #FridayFictioneers

The temptation was too real and I couldn’t help myself. The ice cream melted on my tongue, sending me to a frozen heaven and a land of pleasure. One spoonful wasn’t enough, I needed more, more! Half a tub was gone before I realised.


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Postcard Story


Dear children,

We are having a lovely time and the hotel is beautiful. Yesterday, we went for a walk on the beach then hired deck chairs to doze the afternoon way in. A seagull stole your father’s ice cream and I laughed so hard I dropped my own!

Tomorrow, if the sea is warmer we might go for a swim, though I hear there are lots of jellyfish about. If I see one of them I’ll be out as fast as I can be!

We’ll be sure to bring you some presents back and no doubt some sand too!

Happy summer,

Mum and Dad.

Post It Note Short


Beach summers; sand between toes, sea in ears, ice cream on tongues, making memories that last a life time.

Toothsome #atozchallenge


Toothsome; pleasing to the taste. 

It was a guilty pleasure of summer; ice cream on the beach. After months of being on a diet to fit perfectly into my bikini. The cold, sweet ice cream hit my tongue and I moaned quietly in pleasure. For a few seconds, I wondered if it was too sweet but then I swallowed and could only think about eating more.

I heard my boyfriend chuckling next to me and I glanced over at him as I went for another mouthful.

‘Diet broken?’ he asked, grinning at me.

All I could do was nod, my tongue sticky with ice cream.

‘I don’t mind you being a bit chubby,’ he added.

Shooting him a disgruntled look, I got back to enjoying my ice cream. There was nothing that could bet this cooling, sugar rush in my mouth. I shut my eyes and enjoyed the feeling in my mouth.

What was it about ice cream that made you feel so happy? And ice cream by the summer sea just made it more special. Maybe it was the sweet memories of childhood holidays? That small treat on a hot day?

Well whatever it was, it was worth breaking any diet for!

The First Thing

Vanila Sundae With Choco on Top

The first thing she found herself craving was ice cream. It was weird but she couldn’t get enough, even at 3AM when she should have been sleeping. She had her excuses though and blamed the fact that she was going to have a summer baby.

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Lonely Heart Day

Broken, Heart, Love, Valentine, Arrow, Blood, Hurt

Balancing the bowl of ice cream on my knee, I hit play on the remote and watch Howl’s Moving Castle start up. I settle back and am just about to have my first spoon full of strawberry swirl, when my mobile beeps a text.

Glancing at it on the coffee table, I debate leaving it but can’t resist. Lacy is asking where I am.

At home, I reply.

But y?

coz changed mind its fine hav fun, I type and set my phone onto my other knee.

Finally, I get a taste of ice cream and moan at the cold, sweet pleasure of it.

My phone beeps and Lacy calls me a chicken. I don’t rely, but seconds later another text comes through and she’s added that there are lots of cute men at the singles party.

I shrug it off, have more ice cream and try to quieten the arguing voices in my head.

What do I need a guy for anyway?

For snuggling on cold nights? For sharing stuff? For…Just being there?

They’re all the same though!

Only because you pick the ones you feel sorry for. There are plenty out there.

 Once they get what they want they just leave. It’s always them and never you.

Relationships are difficult, it takes time, but they are so rewarding.   

 I’m better off alone.

No. I’m worse alone. There’s probably someone out there for me…things just need more time. What was that statistic thing? There’s like a thousand matches out there for each person? How many do I have left? A hundred and ninety-four? I’m bound to meet someone then. Or else…crazy cat woman!

I laugh and scoff the rest of desert down. Placing everything on the coffee table, I snuggle under the wool blanket grandma made and drift off into a fantasy world of bright colours, magic, supernatural and romance.