Post It Note #45 Basorexia #atozchallenge


Basorexia; a strong craving or hunger for kissing 

Hurry home tonight because all I want is you to smother me in kisses and be my cure for a bad week.


Alnwick Castle, Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland

It felt good to step back into history, even if is was only in May’s imagination. Approaching the draw bridge, she pictured herself a top a white horse. She would be wearing a plain dress, maybe red and white, with a matching cape? Not like the bright pinks she had as a child dreamed Princesses worn. She knew better now.

The wood bridge did not make a sound under her feet, but she imaged a horse’s hoofs would be pretty loud as they clopped over. Breathing deeply, she thought about what the castle would smell like. Horses and sweaty people for sure, maybe smoke from a fire, cooking food, hay and all the unpleasant smells of a large group of animals and people living together without sanitation.

‘Pretty impressive, huh?’ her boyfriend, Rory asked.

She glanced across at him standing to the left of her. His eyes were fixed on the raising medieval walls and towers about them. His cap was low over his face, but she could still see the excitement in his expression. She took his hand and guided him off to the side as the large family which had followed them in rushed passed.

‘It really is,’ she added, ‘let’s explore.’

May tugged on him like a little child eager to be off. Rory laughed and let her take the led through the nearest doorway. They entered the reminds of some room or another. A notice board on the wall did say where they were, but May was all ready heading off again.

Stepping through another doorway, she let her hand touched the rough wall. She wondered how many others had done the same. Getting back to imaging again, she thought about the sounds she might hear. Now, she saw herself wondering about the castle as it once was; full walled and roofed, doors actually being in place and people dressed in medieval clothes.

May pictured knights standing around or gruffly chatting, their servants helping them with armour, horses or other things. The castle staff roaming about doing their jobs and official looking people on the King’s business getting ready to leave.

‘The church should be quiet,’ Rory spoke out, breaking through May’s daydream again.

She nodded and they followed the signposts to the large chapel area. It was quiet there and very cool. Rory sat down in one of the alcove spaces and pulled May into his lap before she could do anything about it. He nuzzled into her hair then swept it away from her neck and started kissing her.

‘Rory, stop,’ May muttered.

She tried to break out of his grip but he only tightened it. May settled back, letting the kisses get longer. She shut her eyes and thought of her Princess self meeting her Prince. Though really, she did not have to imagine that any longer.

Miss Kiss

Love, Heart, Kiss, Hearts, Kissing, Couple, Happy

All the way back to the train station he wanted to kiss her. There was something about the wet shine of her lips and the way they moved when she talked. He just could not bring himself to kiss her though.

As they reached the busy station and stepped to the side of all the people, he finally let go of her hand. Straight away though, he wanted to take it back. Her hand had been so soft and warm, comforting in a way. He reached for her hand, but she was busy pointing out the train times.

When she was finished, they hugged and he realized now was his chance. He put his head down and closer to her’s. He listened to her say goodbye then lent forward. She moved slight back and if he had not been holding her, he would not have noticed.

She hugged him again and kissed him on the cheek. He returned that kiss and felt her soft cheek against him. She let go of him and he knew he should drop his arms, but he could not, he wanted to so badly to kiss her, but now she was breaking his hold and moving away.

He felt like calling out, maybe suggesting another hug or….but no, she was waving goodbye and moving through the barriers to her train. He watched, till she had vanished in the crowed then he told his feet to start walking and they did. His thoughts kept flashing back as he left the train station and he hoped he would have another chance next time.


Crowd, Dance, Party, People, People Dancing, Disco

Pepper rolled over and sprawled across her bed. Half-asleep she rubbed at her itchy nose then her tried eyes. Pushing back her red dyed hair, she stared at the ceiling. Licking her dry lips, she rolled over and snuggled into an old flat soft toy bat. She shut her eyes again and started too drifted off.

The sound of knocking boomed in her ears and disgruntled, she tossed the edge of the duvet back and twisted her neck to the door.

‘Shower’s free. I’m making coffee and toast,’ the voice of her best friend and housemate, Holly, shouted from the other side of the door.

Pepper growled then replied back, ‘okay!’

Getting out of bed, she grabbed her dressing gowned from the floor and walked to the door. Opening it, the mixed smells of Holly’s shampoo and deodorant assaulted her nose. Pulling a face, she walked out of the short corridor to the bathroom door. She heard Holly rattling things around in the kitchen.

In the bathroom, she locked the door and did what she had to do. The hot water really woke her up, easing the aches in her feet and back. She brushed her teeth afterwards and felt like herself again. Towel drying her hair, she walked back to her room and got dressed in some comfy clothes.

‘Coffee!’ Holly called.

Zipping a brush through her hair, Pepper then tied it up and went into the living room. Holly had laid out a plate of buttery toast, two coffee mugs and a jar of strawberry jam. The TV was on some Sunday cooking show and Holly was curled in the arm chair with a glass of orange juice.

Pepper sat on the edge of the sofa and grabbed the knife. As she began spreading jam on a slice of toast, she shot Holly some sly looks. Holly was wearing a long, blue wool jumper with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans. She had her short boyish brown hair ruffled up and her large green eyes locked on the TV screen.

‘How are you feeling?’ Holly asked after a few moments.

Pepper nodded, her mouthful of toast.

‘And last night?’

‘What about it?’ Pepper said as she swallowed.

‘You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending it’s him,’ Holly pointed out.

Pepper froze, toast and jam pressed to her lips.

‘You were all over that guy with the Mohawk…don’t you remember?’

‘Some of it,’ Pepper replied and nibbled at the toast.

Holly sighed, ‘I know you miss him. But you need to stop behaving like that.’

‘I’m having fun okay? And since when does kissing some guys in a nightclub hurt anyone?’

‘It hurts you, Pepper,’ Holly stated.

Pepper threw the rest of her toast down and stood up.

‘I’m trying to help,’ Holly pointed out.

‘Sure you are,’ Pepper snorted and walked back to her bedroom.

Holly called after her, but Pepper slammed the door on her voice. Sitting on the edge of her bed, Pepper pulled up her handbag and dug through it. She removed a crumpled napkin that had a phone number on it then a square of toilet paper that had another number bleeding through it. Placing them aside she dug out her phone and looked through the text messages.

When she didn’t find what she was looking for, she put the phone back and her bag on the floor. Curling up on the bed, she shut her eyes and thought about him. Memories danced before her and it took a few moments for Pepper to select one to play.

A light tapping on the door drew her back a few minutes later. Opening her eyes, she watched the door open and Holly coming in. She crossed the floor and sank down next to Pepper.

‘I care about you,’ Holly said softly.

‘I know,’ Pepper muttered back.

‘You need to stop. I’m worried something bad will happen to you.’

Pepper nodded into her pillow.

‘I know it’s not easier, but you will meet someone else. Maybe you’ll be happier too. But you need time to sort yourself out. And kissing random strangers isn’t going to help that,’ Holly lectured.

‘What if I never meet anyone else?’ Pepper answered.

Holly shook her head, ‘you will do. Everyone does. Just focus on yourself for a little while. Stop going to the nightclubs and spend more time thinking.’

‘Maybe, you’re right,’ Pepper breathed.

‘Just a little,’ Holly slotted in.

Smiling, Pepper pushed from the bed and hugged her best friend, ‘thanks for looking out for me.’



Lennox wrapped his arms around Devan and went to kiss her. She turned away quickly and his lips brushed against hair instead of her mouth. He wanted to shake her, to demand she allow the kiss. Instead, he tried to remain in control and pressed his head against her’s. Devan felt stiff and cold against him, so he began rubbing her arms and shoulders. She resisted the will to act and continued to stare out of the window.

Darkness and glimpses of old brick wall filled Devan’s vision as the train pulled away from the station. Vibrations shot up around them and it caused the carriages to jostle about. The high pitched squeal of rusty metal on metal shocked the air before mixing with the rest of the train noises and echoes. Lennox pressed a hand against the safety guard to help steady them, but Devan seemed unaware of this.

He tried to kiss her again, but found only air. Devan had repositioned herself in the window and was concentrating so hard on the outside view as if she was expecting something to happen. Lennox could only wrap his arms around her again and try to keep them both up right. The urge to yell at her was growling in the back of his throat. Instead he placed his head again next to her’s and allowed his brown hair to mix with her lighter shade.

A voice rang out further down the carriageway, the words unhearable, until it came closer, ‘tickets please!’ Footsteps followed alongside the rustling of clothes. Other voices waved in and out beside shuffling and grating sounds. Money and tickets changed hands, then people settled back into their own blissful unawareness of each other.

Standing in the doorway and the joint of the carriages, Lennox could see the ticket man and some of the other passengers. He drew the tickets out as the man approached, who was still calling out his request. As he held out the tickets, Lennox gave Devan’s turning head a kiss. She paused, stunned, then fixed her large damp eyes on the man before them. He was wearing the classic train conductor’s uniform and seemed uninterested in anything but the tickets. He hole punched them and handed them back to Lennox.

Devan bit her bottom lip and almost cried out to the man’s retreating back. She felt Lennox’s hands on her cheeks, forcing her head up. She wanted to fight him, to shove him away and run after the conductor, begging him to stop the train and let her off. The pressure on her cheeks grew painful and her eyes turned back to Lennox’s. For a second she could see the anger in his dark blue eyes. Then it was gone and the softness she had once been in love with returned.

Their lips meet as Lennox dropped his head and she failed to stop him. The kiss felt pleasant and sent a tingle through her. His lips were soft and gentle against her’s. His fingers swept into her hair, keeping her head still and letting the kiss deepen. Devan felt like she could melt against his lips. Pressing hard, she felt his tongue nudging at the corner of her mouth. A surge of desire rose between her legs and she opened her mouth to let him in.

At once, her hands were wrapped around his shoulders, her hands pressed to the sides of his head and her fingers pushing into his hair. She felt her back bang against the safety guard and her legs parting as Lennox eased his knee between them. They tongues twisted around each other’s, over lapping and greedily rubbing against, in a dancing search for more. She felt Lennox repositioning his hands. His right became a buffer against her head and the panel, whilst the left slid down her side and came to rest on her hip.

Devan moaned into his mouth, as the kiss started to come down. Lennox flicked his tongue against her’s and gently pulled out. As their lips parted, he caught her’s twice more in quick kisses. She let her hands rest on his shoulders and put her head back, capturing his right hand in place. She wished they were somewhere private so that they could carry on, at least that way they wouldn’t have to talk. Or else if they did, she wouldn’t have to reply. Instead, the words she had been holding back for so long tumbled out of her wet mouth, ‘I don’t want to go.’

‘It’ll be okay. I promised, didn’t I?’ Lennox replied in a low voice. He brought his hand up that had been on her hip and stroked her cheek.

Devan sobbed and a shudder, which wasn’t caused by the train’s motion, went through her. She willed herself not to cry and tried to concentrate on Lennox’s brushing fingers and the damp patch in-between her thighs. It was too late and she knew it. The opportunity to escape had eluded her again. The idea that she was trapped forever filled her thoughts. She gave into the tears, letting them gush over her cheeks. She buried her head in his shoulder. Wanting him and hating him at the same time.

Lennox pulled her into a tight hug. He rubbed her back and hair, whilst whispering calming words. He could feel her shaking under him and strongly grabbing him. He planted kisses along her exposed neck, seeking to comfort her in any way possible. Though, a part of him was growing angry. A voice in his head snarled at her to shut up. Why was she making a scene? Did she think acting like this was going to force him to give in?

Letting her go, he yanked her head up towards his. She gasped and grabbed at his hands, her fingernails trying to find a way between his skin and her’s. Staring into her eyes, he pressed the back of her head against the panel. He gritted his teeth together and only let his lips peel back enough to hiss the words, ‘stop crying.’

Devan swallowed and tried to stop her panting breath and tears. However, they still crowded her eyes and streamed down her face. She removed her hands, dropping them behind her and against the cold metal part of the safety guard. A coil of fear twisted inside of her. The thought that they were in public and he couldn’t do anything played at the edge of her mind. However, she knew that wasn’t true and he was more than capable of striking out and hiding it from questioning eyes.

‘Stop,’ he demanded.

She sniffed, then held her breath. The pain of his fingers in her face tried to get more out of her. His eyes were also daring her to carry on or up it a notch. She took a few deep breaths and threw all the emotions away. She imagined become frozen and nothing getting through to her. Badly, she wanted to rip his hands off and scream for help. She would beg to be taken away from him and returned back home. How many times had she wanted to do that though and then suddenly caught herself?

Lennox’s fingers started to slip from her. Silently, he was fighting himself. He understood it was wrong, but he just wanted her. He knew that once she had wanted him just as badly too, but now it seemed like she was fighting against him. He had urges to control that and stop her from walking away. Didn’t she understand what would happen to his world if she did that? He didn’t know what he’d do with himself, he only knew that he had to stop it coming to that and that meant he couldn’t let her go.

‘I want to sit down,’ Devan muttered as she wiped her face.

He nodded and took her to the empty seats which they had stood behind. She stepped to the far one and sank down against the rough seat cover. She rested her head against the frame of the train and tried to stop sniffing. Lennox had sit down after her, his eyes darting around the other passengers, but they hadn’t noticed the outburst. He settled into the seat, brushed his hair back and then watched her closely.

Devan wiped her face again, this time using the sleeves of her coat. She then shut her eyes and tried to normalise her breathing. Unexpectedly, she felt Lennox’s fingers touch her wrist. Warmth spread over her skin and before she could stop, her eyes had opened and gone straight to his. She read the sadness and apologetic look instantly. She sniffed and felt hot tears building up.

With his other hand he reached up, put it on her cheek and pulled her head down to his. Placing their foreheads together, he kissed the tip of her nose and whispered, ‘I love you…I’m sorry…’ before kissing her lips. He tasted the salt from her tears and hated himself even more. Easing off he give her space to say something, but she didn’t speak. Instead, she put her head to his chest, draped her arms around him and shut her eyes once more.