In The Forest

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Only in the forest did she feel at peace. Crunching over too dry grass and old leaves, she wandered on. Bird song vibrated the air and the scent of pine hung heavy. She hugged herself, feeling a strange, small chill. Even though it was almost summer, this deep amongst the trees it was still cold.

Spotting the fallen log she always sat upon, she went over. Sinking down, her jeans protected her from most of the rough bark. She noticed a small burnt patch on the ground to her left and decided that someone recently had light a small fire. She put her hands between her knees to try and keep them warm.

She shut her eyes and began mediating, letting go of everything with each exhale. At the back of her mind, she knew when she opened her eyes again she’d feel better.


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All I want to do is curl up on the sofa and read. With the occasion break of staring out of the window and watching the birds playing in the back garden. Or counting the rain drops falling on the glass if the weather is on the turn again. Later on, I’ll make some coco and get some chocolate cake before going back to whatever book has fallen into my hands. Then the cat might come and curl into my lap, her purrs and my breathing all that can be heard. That’s how I want the day to pass in the mediation of reading.