Late Night


Just one more chapter, I tell myself as I lay in bed. Rain is patting against the window and I’m wrapped up cosy.

Just one more chapter, I say, turning the page and carrying on. The rain continues and the window mists over. I’m too comfy to move.

Just one more chapter, I declare, determined this time to make it so. Night peers in at me, her soft voice whispering me to sleep and the rain is my lullaby.

Just one more chapter, the book calls to me, how can you stop right now? I turn the pages read more and more until dawn’s light sends night to her rest.



The blank page was a threat. He could see that now. Around him the noise of biology class faded into the background. Everyone was still taking their seats and talking. The teacher was writing something on the whiteboard. All he could see and hear was the blankness of the slightly yellowing page before him.

Someone, he decided must have purposely placed it on his chair.

He picked up the page and placed it on his desk, before concealing it under his text book. He took his place and the teacher announced it was time to start. He couldn’t get it out of his head though. Who knew he had been ripping the blank pages from the library books? Maybe he could find them and explain to them why he did it?

He shook his head, no way could his compulsion be put into words. It wasn’t his fault there was so many blank pages in books, slowing you down from getting to all those lovely words.

Dear Diary #6


Dear Diary #3