Beau #FFftPP


Beau stolen my heart. I wasn’t looking for a pet when I met him. I was driving home after the death of my beloved uncle and Beau was eating a dead rabbit on the road side.

I took him to an animal centre and hoped his family would come. Nobody did and Beau was put up for adoption but he had problems. I connected the shelter for an update and learnt that, so I decided to rescue him again.

Saving Beau sealed our fate together.


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Non-fiction Announcement Hugh’s Charity Appeal

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I found this on one of my fellow blogger’s pages and I wanted to share it on here. All you have to do is go to Hugh’s blog and leave a link to your own blog and then Huge will donate a £1 to Battersea dogs and cats home for each link!

The 2019 Christmas Charity Appeal – Help Me Raise £250 For Battersea Dogs & Cats Home By Leaving Me Links To Your Blogs and Books

Pictured above is my current dog Patch who came to live with us when her owner, my uncle, passed away a few years ago.

My first dog though, Sandy, pictured below, came from Manchester dog’s home. She passed away years ago now but I’ve not forgotten her and do miss her sometimes. It felt get to rescue Sandy and give her a great home for the rest of her life.

There’s so many animals in need of care and new homes right now and it would be great to help as many as them as possible.

Saying that though, Christmas isn’t the best time of year to get a new pet, so think carefully if adoption is on your mind.

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(Photos both my own).

Morning Snuggles


She felt the dead weight on her feet and wondered what was going on. Sleepily, she turned the duvet and looked down. The rescue dog was sprawled at the end of the bed, snoring away.

She smiled and settled back down, knowing she had done the best thing.


She knew it would change everything by walking down the pathway looking into the cages and those sad eyes. She had already been here for a while, but had been torn over what to do. Could she really give her heart and life to another? Pausing, she looked through the last wired mesh. In the back corner she could just make out a humped over shape. She clicked her tongue and wiggled her fingers through the cage.

The dog came over, looking worn down by the hard past life he had led. He stuck his tongue out, licked warm fingers and thumbed his tail a little. Sitting down, he pressed his head to the cage and was reward with an ear scratch. He knew it wouldn’t last though. Soft, sweet words he didn’t understand whispered to him then he padded away. Reaching his bed, he curled up and sighed deeply.

There was something about him, she decided. Maybe it was because he was so quiet, unlike the rest of the dogs whom were barking their heads off. Biting her lip, she went to find a staff member and minutes later, she was signing the papers and taking his lead.