Post It Note Short


The garden centre is closing, discount sales on all plants, how useful is that for your new garden! Go now!




The alley was getting darker as the sunset. I lent against the wall and watched the streetlamps flickering on. The rain had stopped a few minutes ago, water dripped off the broken guttering and the overfilling bins. I had no idea how long or how much longer I’d have to wait but it was going to be worth it.

I tried to look casual, perhaps acted like I was looking for a lost kitten or something but it was hard to be so normal in a place like this. I hadn’t seen any police or soldiers or anyone else who looked suspicious. The only other sounds were from the cramped houses either side of me; babies crying, children talking, adults shouting and a lone dog barking.

A rattling of the broken wire fence at the back of the alley and the shuffling of feet drew my attention. It could be him or it could be someone else… I cast about and made clicking noises as if I was looking for a lost pet.

A hacking coughing stopped me and I looked up at the small man standing in the shadows. He was wearing a massive coat that covered him from head to floor, a floppy hat that covered the top of his head and give his face more cover. He might also have been wearing a woollen mask but it was hard to tell.

I walked over to him nervously but trying not to show any fear. There was enough light from the streetlamp to aid us and I tried not to stand in front of it. We both looked and listened, giving enough time for anybody watching us to jump out. Everything seemed normal.

Slowly, the small man opened his coat and there was a soft rustling sound. Light flashed across something shinny. He held his arms wide and coat high to reveal the many pockets sew inside which were stuffed full of bootlegged products.

I licked my lips and stepped even closer. Forgetting for a moment that we had to be careful. Someone could still be watching us, waiting for either the handover or the completion.

‘What you got?’ I whispered.

‘Whatever you want,’ the man hushed back, flashing a smile that showed off his golden teeth.


‘Left side, down.’

I looked then pulled out a small grey packet. I felt the weight in my hand and decided that was fine. I put it in the secret pocket in my jeans.

‘Belgian Sea?’

‘Right, top.’

I pulled out a small box and looked quickly inside. I nodded and slipped the box into a pocket inside of my coat.

‘Cow Solid?’

‘Right middle. I got dark, white or milk.’

I selected a small paper wrapped bar of milk and eased it down the side of my left boot.

‘How much?’ I uttered.

He named his price and I handed over a few packets of cigarettes, painkillers and ketchup.

Satisfied we both walked away as it started raining again.


(This story was inspired by my fiance wondering what it would be like if chocolate was banned. This scene came into my head and I had to write a short story about it!)    



It was that time of year for the madness to be began again; the New Year sales were on!

Memory #FridayFictioneers

Lots of things were for sale in the front yard, a whole house had been turned out. I walked slowly, not intending to buy anything, just passing time.

Something caught my eyes; a large oval mirror that was reflecting a wooden shack with trees. I looked around but there was only red brick houses and clipped bushes.

I picked up the mirror, the view didn’t change. A painting? No, it really was a mirror but the reflection of that shack was trapped inside.

I brought it for two bucks and it’s still a mystery to me today.


(Inspired by; with thanks.)


Post It Note #26

This was it, her chance to stock up on school supplies that had been put into clearance. A slight fear crept across her as she reached the pay here counter. Would anyone question her, an old lady, about why she need so many pens, notebooks and folders? Of course, not.

Black Friday

It was madness, pure madness. I was standing in the middle of the shopping mall and everyone was going crazy around me. I half expected the apocalypse call over the PA system to be announced, that or a fire alarm. I climbed on top of a bench and stood there, hoping it would get me away from people and give me a better view. However, all I saw was a withering mass of heads and arms being driven by their lust for discounted goods.

Dimly, I recalled my parents stating to go back to the car and waiting there if any of us become separated. The problem though was getting out a live and I wasn’t sure if that was achievable. The crowd surged around me, voices rising and things flying overhead. A group of security guards battled some women close by and I suddenly realized that the only way to get out of here was in cuffs.

I swept my hair back and let out a sigh. Was this really what the world had come to? Whilst children and animals are starving and dying, whilst the Earth itself was suffering, those that had the power to change things were being controlled by their greed and desires for things that didn’t matter at all at the end of the day. Sitting down, I told myself that when I got home I was going to plant a tree and try to create something useful in this world of madness.