Trying to Juggle


Working from home sounded great but in reality it was horrible. The kids always wanted something then the dog wanted something, then the wife was yelling at the kids or the dog of just in general.

Having a meeting was like dealing doing a deal with the devil. I was tried of telling people to un-mute themselves or turn there sound out or was that a fire happening in their background?

I just wanted a few minutes peace to write this report. My children stuck stickers to my back, I ran the dog’s paw over with my chair and my wife was asking what time I’d finished work because it was my turn to cook tonight.

The house was always a mess, the children kept moving my things and I just wanted my nice clean office back!

Right, enough is enough! I’m going to empty the shed and turned that into a office. I could lock the door and be at peace in there. I could carry my briefcase across the garden each morning and pretend I was going into work. I could get a radio and a coffee machine….

Yes, that’s what I needed, an office away from office.


At The Bottom of The Garden

The shed had sat at the bottom of the garden for so long that Nature had claimed it for herself. Small trees, ivy and wild roses surrounded the buckling wooden frame, hiding it perfectly. The treasures inside were now lost to rust and animals, who made their home there. Yet, every autumn as the leaves turned to gold and slipped away, glimpses of the old shed could be seen.

New children had recently moved into the house and when they spotted the shed, they investigated. Sadly, they found only useless gardening tools and animal nests inside. Then the oldest child had a bright idea.

They cleaned the place out, fixed it up and made the old shed their secret den for the summers to come.



Photograph provided by Phylor with thanks.

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