Postcard #36

Hi all,

Surfing isn’t for the fair hearted! I thought it was so easy whilst we were practising on the none moving sand, but the minute we got in the sea and tried to balance on small waves, everyone kept falling in! It took a another two lessons to get over that!

Yesterday, just Bo and I went out. We did pretty well and it was easier without all those people. But a big wave came out of nowhere and swept us both away. Luckily, we both made it back to the beach, surf boards intact.

Bo didn’t want to go out again, she was too shook up, so we headed back to the cottage. She was much better at our early morning lesson today, but it’s going to still take awhile till we’ve really got the hang of it!

All the best, Ed and Bo.


Postcard #21

Aloha, Sand, Hawaii, Beach, Tropical, Vacation, Summer

Hi! I know you wanted a postcard of the town for your scrapbook, but I just thought this one was better and would cheer you up. We’re having a great time here and the weather is so nice. I spent yesterday on the beach, surfing! whilst everyone else was off doing their own things. Really wish you could be here. We should plan our own secret holiday when I get back! Love you, Bear.

*Inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt; Beach