Duckie #3LineTales

three line tales, week 232: rubber duckies in bubble bath

The bright yellow duckies had always attracted me. I loved playing with the one I had as a toddler in and out of the bath. Often, I went to bed with it too and my parents were baffled by my attachment to the plastic bath duck.

When we went to anywhere that had a ‘hook a duck’ or something similar game stall, I had to play like an addict at a gambling machine. I didn’t want the stuff animals or other toys for a prize though, I wanted to keep all the duckies!

‘She’ll grow out of it,’ my dad often said but he was wrong. Now, I’m twenty-eight and my collection of plastic duckies has just got me a place in the Guinness World’s Records.  


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The Perfect Toy #1LinerWeds


Only the soft, fluffy yellow duck stopped the baby from crying which was a blessing.


(Inspired by; with thanks).


My ears pricked up and listened to the rush of voices and footsteps. Everyone was going out, but I couldn’t hear where too. The children hadn’t said anything, had they? I couldn’t recall.  The front door closed and I awoke fully. Shaking out my fur, I stretched and yawed. My tongue lolled out before curling back in. I felt the bed under my paws and the dull eyes of the other soft toys staring back at me.

In the distance, car doors slammed and the engine come to life. My ear rose up and down. I listened, wanting to make sure I was really alone. Too many close calls had happened. The car drove away and slowly, I crept to the edge of the bed. Listening again, just to be sure then sliding off the bed.

Avoiding a fallen doll, I padded to the window sill, jumped up and peered through the curtains. I kept still, lest anyone look up and see me. The driveway was empty and so was the street. For a few moments, I sat and watched the clouds rolling by and some birds landing on the roofs of the houses opposite.

Jumping off the ledge, I prowled around the large room. The floor was a mess of toys and games. I stepped around some train track and avoided some crayons. I went to the white wardrobe and I nudged open the door with my muzzle. Once it was open, the full length mirror showed me in all my glory.

My fur was light grey, my legs a shade darker and my toes carefully marked out. My face was small, my nose black with a softly drawn smile underneath. My muzzle was creamy white, my eyes amber, my ears white though grey on the other side and my wonderful tail was also grey. There was no confusing me.

I sat down, my tail twitching from side to side as I fell into my contemplation. Simple questions came into my mind, who was I? Why was I like this? What was my destiny? And what were the answers? A soft toy wolf come to life, through magic or love and to protect.  I put my head to one side and studied myself. I poked my tongue out and looked down at it till I went cross eyed.

Shaking my head, I closed the door and turned to look across the room. The bunk bed was opposite me and the fitted shelves behind me. There was a chest of draws ahead of me and two toy chests either side of it. Everything was wooden and white. I risked walking across the carpet again, trying not to disturbed anything.

Carefully making it to one of the toy boxes, I scrambled upon it and padded over to the draws. There was no way I could jump the difference, so I got off and went to the other side. Balanced on top of the second toy box was a Lego brick house. I stood on top of that and made the jump. My front paws it the side of the draw, but I couldn’t cling to it and thus fall, hitting the lego house on the way.

I landed heavily in a pile of multi-coloured bricks. Standing up and shaking, I stepped to the side and looked at the damage. There was no way I could fix that. Sulking away, I got up on the window sill again and howled. My lonely cry filled the room. It felt good, so I put my head back and howled some more. My voice soared around the room and my ears stood up to listen to the echo.

One day, I hoped something would reply. Though today, didn’t seem like the day. After a few more howls, I stopped and listened to the natural sounds of the house. My tail swayed in time with the clock and I danged it off the window still as I looked out some more.

A white van pulled up and two men got out. I froze, but carried on watching them though my glass eyes. They opened the gate and came up to the door. The bell rang. I listened to their muttering voices. A loud knocking almost made me jump then I saw them step back and look up at the house. One of them saw me and pointed. Had I moved?

I couldn’t see their expressions. They knocked on the door again then one of them went around to the fence. I listened hard and the fur rose up. There was something off about those two. Checking they weren’t watching me, I got down and went to the door. Luckily, it wasn’t fully closed and I was able to squeeze through.

I padded out and went to the top of the stairs. I could see one of the men through the door. Being careful, I went down the steps and crept along the wall. He knocked on the door again and I felt the vibrations going through my stuffing. Shaking it away and keeping my growl, I headed into the kitchen. After a quick look, around I saw the only thing I could get upon was the table and that wasn’t going to be good enough.

A shadow crossed the window. I looked up and saw the other man there. He went to the back door and rattled the handle. Slipping under the table, I let out a long howl. The door handle sudden stopped. I peered out and saw the man pressing himself against the frosted glass. I howled again, making it more threating.

He banged on the door then came to the window. I hide under the furthest chair, hoping the shadows would cover me well enough. I saw him looking through and around, confusion on his face. He went to the door again and this time as he knocked on the glass, I let out a massive growl.

He turned away and went passed the window again. I heard him scrambling back over the fence and I followed him back to the front door. I hide in the shadows of the stairs as he came to join his friend. I couldn’t see though the coloured glass door, but I could hear their harsh whispering voices.

I howled and threw in some growls. For a few moments, they didn’t move then they turned and went back to the gate. I rushed into the living room and using the armchair, got on the window sill. I knocked through the blinds and looked out. The men had gone back to their van and were standing before it, looking up at the house. I didn’t move, fear growing that they had all ready seen me.

However, they turned and got into the van. I heard it start and watched it drive away. My tail wagged. Home was safe again. Getting off the window ledge, I went back upstairs and spent a few minutes trying to place the lego house into a pile. The sounds of a car pulling up drew my ears back and I scrambled to the window.

Carefully, looking out I saw my family were back. With my tail madly wagging, I got down and took my position on the bed again. They’d never know I’d saved them, but it was all part of my job.