Reflection #FFfAW

She didn’t want to go to the park but she had no where else. Sitting on a bench next to the duck pond, she wondered, how have I hit rock bottom so hard? Wiping tears, she told herself she’d get through. She would find the strength like she always did.


(Inspired by; with thanks).


Post It Note #24

Happy Birthday to me! Always remember the quote from Winnie the Pooh when you are feeling troubled; ‘you are brave than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’  


‘Try the buttons again,’

‘I all ready did. It’s no good. The elevator’s stuck.’

‘This thing is so old the dinos could’ve used it! What’d you say your name was again?’

‘Phil. And you?’

‘Chris. Bannet. You mind if I smoke? My nerves are getting up.’

‘I don’t mind, but are you allowed? I don’t see any no smoking signs.’

‘It’ll be fine, Phil. I’m sure. Here you want one?’

‘No…I quit last year. Wife went on a crazy health bender. You know how it goes, out with all the good stuff and in the rabbit food. What about you, Chris? Got a wife?’

‘Nope. Marriage was never for me. I so needed this…’

‘What you do for a living then? You look like a company boss in that suit.’

‘I just been to a funeral. I’m a nightclub bouncer. What about you?’

‘A personal trainer. And it’s not as good money as everyone says it is! Who’s funeral was it, did you say?’

‘An old friend. Died in a car crash. I’d not seen him for a couple ‘o months though.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be. So you live here? I don’t recall seeing you around.’

‘I just moved in actually. Like two months ago. But my ma had a hip replacement so I had to go and stay with her for a while.’

‘I’ve been here a few years now. Bought the place when it was cheap and now I can’t get it out. House market crash and all that. Half the apartments are empty anyway, they can’t seem to sell ‘em. Guess they hooked you though.’

‘My wife and I are going through a bad patch. I need to get out for a while and yeah they offered me a good deal on the place. What floor are you on, again?’

‘Twelve. You were sixteen, right?’

‘Yes. I can’t get any signal on my phone? Can you?’

‘I never can. Say, does your wife have blonde hair?’

‘Yeah, she does. Why?’

‘No reason.’

‘What nightclub do you work at? I don’t think you told me.’

‘Oh, it’s some weird funky place. The Seahorse. It’s more of a bar really. But they have live music nights and kids love it. What’s your gym called?

‘Grinders’. Silly name really.’

‘Is it a blacked out building in-between two Chinese take-aways?’

‘Yes it is, have you been there, Chris?’

‘Nope. Just seen it. Sure you don’t want to smoke.’

‘No. But I can’t believe our luck.’


‘Being trapped in here together. I meant. I guess we could rattle the bars and shout for help?’

‘Sure. Normally, she just needs a good slam or someone else to call her and she starts again.’

‘I’ll try the buttons again.’

‘Worth a shot.’

‘Seems we’re got another problem though.’

‘And what’s that, Phil?’

‘I think we both know what that is, Chris.’

‘Indulge me.’

‘We’ve been looking for each other. Who hired you?’

‘You’re jumping to conclusions a bit there, pal.’

‘No. I’m not. You fit the profile far too well. And you know too much about my cover.’

‘I don’t know who it is. I’m just the monkey.’

‘We could work together…’

‘I’ve trust issues. Sorry, Phil. Don’t worry about your wife. I’ll take good care of her.’

‘Wait, Wait! Just-’

‘Oh and by the way. It was me that stalled the elevator. These cage kinds are so much easier to rig up. You were going down right?’