Getting Away

The weather was getting warmer, the kids were playing outside more and nature was almost fully changed into her summer colors. Passion felt the urge get away for a couple of weeks. Somewhere hot, sunny and a good spot for cute boys. She scrolled through the listings on the internet, not feeling drawn to any holiday place.

Clicking on the next page, she saw an ad for a Mediterranean cruise. Interested, she tapped on it and watched the page load. Perhaps, her mind began to think, that was what she needed, but would there be any single boys? She frowned, puzzling over that thought. Though having a summer fling on a cruise ship would be interesting. What deals do they have?  


St Petersburg Russia, Nonoj Petersburg

Hey, look I finally made it! Can’t believe I’m actually here in Russia. I so had to send you a postcard as it’s taking me ages to find an internet cafe. Though chances are I’ll have found one and spoke to you way before you get this. Still, it’s the thoughts right? I still can’t believe you’re wasting your summer working. No way does that make you more creative! Getting out and seeing the world does! Think about and let me know if you’re going to met us in Rome. See you soon, Chad.

Postcard #9