Roses #FridayFictoneers

I came home, exhausted after a full day in court trying to convince everyone my client wasn’t a murderer. Sadly, he was but it was my job to try and get his sentence reduced.

Dumping my stuff, I sank onto the sofa, kicked off my high heels and wrapped myself around a large cushion. I felt like I could sleep forever.

Something glittery caught my eye. Sunlight was falling on the glass roses my husband had brought for Valentine’s day. I couldn’t help but smile, at least somethings weren’t bad.


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Valentine’s Day



She awoke, confused by the red rose petals scattered about. Getting up, she saw some of them were laid in a trail and she followed into the transformed living room. Candles flickered, red drapes hung, love heart confetti covered the coffee table which was piled with flowers, chocolate boxes, teddy bears and wrapped presents.

She pressed hands to her face feeling over-welled, tears came to her eyes.

Did he really done all this for me? she wondered.

‘Happy Valentine’s day,’ he said from behind her.

Spinning around, she cried, ‘you didn’t have too!’

‘But, I did. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me.’


Postcard Short Story


Dear June,

I was thinking about you the other day and realised it had been years since we had last spoke. I’m not sure if you still live at the same address, hopefully this postcard will find you somehow. We should try to meet up and maybe celebrate Valentine’s Day? That’s if you are single! If not, we could just go for drinks. I’ll be in Birmingham on that day and if you can meet me in the Dog And Duck, (the pub of our teenage years!) at around seven or eight, I’d be most glad.


Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s day, let’s find an empty beach where we can eat what nature gives us, beside a fire. I’ll write songs about you and perform them on my guitar. As the sun sets, we’ll say our forever love to each other and everything will be all right in the world.

Bench Love #TwitteringTales


Sitting on a park bench, I saw a paper pinned by a rock. With a quick glance, I picked up and read what was a love letter. The named addressee seemed familiar and looking I spotted the same name on the bench’s plaque. I returned the letter and left.

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The Mystery Of Love

Midsection of Woman Making Heart Shape With Hands

In the beginning there was a stranger who then became my friend who then became my boyfriend who then became my fiance who then became my husband and my soul mate forever.

Will She?


When he saw the ring in the shop window he knew it would be perfect. Now all he had to hope was that she’d say yes.

When would She?


He wondered when she would declare her true love for him. Turns out, he didn’t have long to wait to hear the three little words.

Who is She?


He didn’t believe in love at first sight until she walked into his life. He knew in that moment he could never let her go.

Lonely Heart Day

Broken, Heart, Love, Valentine, Arrow, Blood, Hurt

Balancing the bowl of ice cream on my knee, I hit play on the remote and watch Howl’s Moving Castle start up. I settle back and am just about to have my first spoon full of strawberry swirl, when my mobile beeps a text.

Glancing at it on the coffee table, I debate leaving it but can’t resist. Lacy is asking where I am.

At home, I reply.

But y?

coz changed mind its fine hav fun, I type and set my phone onto my other knee.

Finally, I get a taste of ice cream and moan at the cold, sweet pleasure of it.

My phone beeps and Lacy calls me a chicken. I don’t rely, but seconds later another text comes through and she’s added that there are lots of cute men at the singles party.

I shrug it off, have more ice cream and try to quieten the arguing voices in my head.

What do I need a guy for anyway?

For snuggling on cold nights? For sharing stuff? For…Just being there?

They’re all the same though!

Only because you pick the ones you feel sorry for. There are plenty out there.

 Once they get what they want they just leave. It’s always them and never you.

Relationships are difficult, it takes time, but they are so rewarding.   

 I’m better off alone.

No. I’m worse alone. There’s probably someone out there for me…things just need more time. What was that statistic thing? There’s like a thousand matches out there for each person? How many do I have left? A hundred and ninety-four? I’m bound to meet someone then. Or else…crazy cat woman!

I laugh and scoff the rest of desert down. Placing everything on the coffee table, I snuggle under the wool blanket grandma made and drift off into a fantasy world of bright colours, magic, supernatural and romance.