Writing Schedule

Even though I want to randomly post up a daily story, I’ve been thinking about some running themes I’d like to have. This is mostly because I’ve had many great ideas of how to present my stories as well as the actual physical nature of the words. I think how a story is present can be very important because an image can help enrich the words a lot. “A picture paints a thousand words.” So, even though this blog is still new and in its growing stages, I want to put together a list of themes which will appear each month and possible on the same date. This will also help me and you -the readers- to keep track of favorite monthly themes and give me something of a writing schedule/promote.

At the minute this list is incomplete and subject to change. Though some days will be left blank for a random story to be posted. Also stories may appear before or after the actual date that is attached to them, because I started this blog towards the end of a month and so they might be out of order for the next few. However, I might end up scraping this idea as time goes on. It will just depend on any changing circumstances and readers’ interested.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope we both get some use out of this scheduling.


To be published once a month:

1st – Dear Diary Story

2nd- Post It Notes Shorts

4th – Under 20 Word Short

5th -Postcards Shorts

10th- Image Writing Promote

13th- Under 1000 Words Short Story

15th -Text Writing Promote

20th – Under 50 Words Short

25th- 3 Lines Short Short

30th- 1,500- 2,000 Short Story 



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