Post It Note #42


New Year’s Resolution;

Eat all you want.

It’ll be harder for anyone to kidnap you ever again.




She wished she was far away on a beach somewhere with the sun pouring down and the sea lapping at her toes.

Call Waiting

phone-old-year-built-1955-bakelite-163008 (1).jpeg

I was always waiting on the phone. It seemed it was the way of my life.

Special Snowflake

couple, shoes, snow

Holding her close, he whispered in her ear, ‘you’re my special snowflake.’

She giggled then kissed him under the mistletoe.


It was knitting that kept her warm through the winter nights and the clicking of the needles that kept her company.

First Day Back

Man having a lazy day in bed with his feet protruding out from under the bedclothes with a close up view of his bare feet

It was the first day back to work and she just couldn’t face it.