Post It Note Short


I wish 2019 to be good to you and those around you, may all hopes and dreams come true.



She was tried of people asking if she was okay. She wasn’t but she couldn’t say anything because they wouldn’t understand.

Settings #1LinerWeds


It was a writer’s retreat; a converted boat house on a large lake surrounded by inspiring and breathtaking landscapes.

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Snail Mail #1LinerWeds


He misunderstand the term and thought people wrote letters to each other on the shells of snails.

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She was glad to escape on the hot beach, sipping cocktails instead of dealing with all the drama back home.

Post It Note #42


New Year’s Resolution;

Eat all you want.

It’ll be harder for anyone to kidnap you ever again.




She wished she was far away on a beach somewhere with the sun pouring down and the sea lapping at her toes.

Call Waiting

phone-old-year-built-1955-bakelite-163008 (1).jpeg

I was always waiting on the phone. It seemed it was the way of my life.

Special Snowflake

couple, shoes, snow

Holding her close, he whispered in her ear, ‘you’re my special snowflake.’

She giggled then kissed him under the mistletoe.


It was knitting that kept her warm through the winter nights and the clicking of the needles that kept her company.